Saturday, May 31, 2014

Plan B is always more fun than Plan A

Plan B is more fun than Plan A, simply because it holds the promise of so many what-ifs. I like my Plan B. While it's always been incredibly fluid, ranging from opening a bakery/cafe/bookshop, playing video games, to becoming a personal trainer, I think I've finally settled on a winner. Travel the world, house sitting and looking after people's beloved pets if I ever get sick of my Plan A. Not that it really gives a reliable income and certainly results in a nomadic life, my Plan B can be decidedly whimsical.

That said, my Plan A is doing me well so far. A lucky chain of events mean that I'm now living in Berkeley, California with days full of sunshine and laughter, with an amazing man by my side, traveling the US and UK for work (which is hard work, but has its undeniable perks), and am most importantly healthy. All-in-all a pretty wonderful deal (which I need to remember when I'm feeling frustrated and down).

Berkeley has been un-characteristically cloudy over the last few days; after almost a week straight of bright sunshine and warm spring temperatures, Saturday morning is overcast and just a little bit chilly. Still, it's the weekend and I refuse to be grumpy at the weather. Baking banana bread and filling the apartment with the most gloriously tantalisingly cinnamon smell lifts the spirits like nothing else. Well, almost nothing else. Eating the fresh-out-of-the-oven banana bread with a cup of strong coffee is probably even better. Mind you, the baking and eating happened late Friday afternoon so I may have gotten my weekend started a little early.

After a training session last night, all the tiny little muscles in my hips and legs are aching. You may think I did a super-intense workout, but no, I did a Tai Chi class. 75 minutes of Tai Chi is no joke, both mentally and physically. I suppose this all means I need to train more.

Now, a relaxing weekend awaits, a few more days of work then a well-deserved holiday.

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