Sunday, June 1, 2014

Loving lazy Sundays

I love lazy Sundays where you don't have to do anything that you don't want to do. Sleeping in is allowed, and thinking about work of any kind is forbidden (until at least 9pm at night). 

Of course, my capacity to sleep in has been greatly diminished by work. The all-too-often 6am starts tend to mean sleeping past 9am is close to impossible. Still, it means that there's time to squeeze in both a kettle-bell workout and a short yoga flow before even thinking about food. I'm still trying to make daily yoga a habit, even though this has meant some days I do an hour-long flow, and other days I do 5 poses and call it done. 

Right now I'm sitting near my local Whole Foods, sipping on an ice-cold coffee, planning out meals and workouts for the week. 

I'm relishing my last week of workouts with weights, wrapping up a program I've been on for the last 12-ish weeks, before enjoying the un-planned freedom of a holiday (although knowing me, I'll try to do some planning). I do have to plan my yoga or else I'll end up doing gentle stretching all the time! So my week looks something like this:
  • Sunday (done)!: full-body workout w kettle-bells; twisting yoga flow (25) 
  • Monday: Forrest yoga flow (45)
  • Tuesday: full-body workout w kettle-bells; detox flow (25)
  • Wednesday: core yoga flow (45)
  • Thursday: full-body workout w kettle-bells; relaxation flow (20)
  • Friday: Vinyasa flow (50); Taichi & Wushu 
  • Saturday: full-body workout w kettle-bells; flow w backbends (60) 
There's currently not a rest-day in there, but next Sunday will definitely be a rest day, and I imagine my body will have plenty of time to recover on holiday. It'll be glorious.

As for food, I want to get more smoothies into my diet, so they'll form the majority of my breakfasts for the week. I'm excited to try some new, but simple recipes for lunch and dinner though. Tentatively, I'll cook: 
  • Bunless burgers
  • Tuna salad 
  • Chicken, yam & chard soup
  • Baked salmon
  • Gingery brocolli & beef
  • Grilled chicken w rosemary
  • Salmon w coconut cream sauce
  • Turkey & vegetable meatballs
Plenty of variety and plenty of food - just how I like it. Lots of fresh fruit for snacking will be in the grocery basket as well. I love summer and the abundance of sun-ripened fruit it brings! 

Here's to a productive week ahead *sips on coffee*. 
Sophie Life Explorer

Live. Love. Learn. Laugh. All with plenty of hugs.

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