Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hurricanes and Flight Delays

Due to Hurricane Arthur causing havoc with flights in the Northeast, were stuck in NYC until Saturday night. As expected with a storm so close, the weather has been miserable with plenty of malicious-looking clouds and rain, rain and more rain. Still, we had a comfortable bed, warm sheets, and nowhere to go until Monday.

Then miraculously, Saturday was bright and shining, with the sky a brilliantly beautiful shade of blue.

As a further silver lining, we're were fortuitously stuck in NYC for the 4th of July celebrations, so hooray, fireworks!

As for the last month, my workouts have been based around what's available. Food choices have been similarly made.

It feels good to have access to a reliable grocery store and kitchen as I'm finally able to organise my meals, and a fitness plan for the week that I now have a higher chance of completing (and without having to shoot low due to uncertainty).

So my week looks something like this:

  • Sunday (done)!: cardio warm-up and workout w kettle-bells; spinal yoga flow (30) 
  • Monday: cardio warm-up and workout w kettle-bells; lunar flow (30)
  • Tuesday: cardio warm-up and workout w kettle-bells + body-weight finisher; relaxing flow (20); 
  • Wednesday: cardio warm-up and workout w kettle-bells; Hatha yoga flow (20)
  • Thursday: bodyweight workout; Forrest yoga flow (45)
  • Friday: run; post-run flow (20); Taichi + Wushu (maybe)
  • Saturday: cardio warm-up and workout w kettle-bells; Firefly flow (60)
Phew, ambitious much?

Meal-wise, I've got the following planned:
  • Kombu ginger chicken soup 
  • Turkey vegetable meatballs
  • Cassoulet with lots of vegetables
  • Eggplant dirty rice 
  • Cauliflower chickpea curry 
Looking forward to a productive week ahead. 
Sophie Life Explorer

Live. Love. Learn. Laugh. All with plenty of hugs.

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