Saturday, July 12, 2014

Rest weeks

I went into this week with the best intentions; I had all my workouts planned out (and was somewhat ambitious in my scheduling), and a list of new recipes I wanted to cook. Let's just say things really didn't pan out exactly like I wanted to.

First up, the heat rash I'd picked up during our layover in NYC flared up (itchy and painful) meaning that working up a sweat was a bad idea. I tried to soldier on Monday and Tuesday, before waving a white flag and allowing my body to settle and recover. Also, the program I'd decided to tackle relied too much on weight machines and without access to a gym membership, it wasn't really viable even when I made the kettle-bell substitutions I could.

On a brighter note, I'd managed to do all the yoga flows I'd planned including a 60 minute flow working up to Firefly pose, did a Tai Chi session (much to happiness of my body) and finished the week on a strong note with two body weight workouts today.

Unexpected rest weeks are pretty awesome.

Nutrition-wise, I ate well 90% of the time although did barely any cooking. I made the first recipe on my list but between M offering to cook (with delicious results) and low motivation on one occasion, the rest just didn't get shopped for or made. There's always next week though.

Not much on the excitement-front this week; plenty of work involved, with today being the highlight.

There were World Cup matches to watch at the local pub (and the final tomorrow to look forward to).

And the neighbour's tail-less cat chilling out on my yoga mat. 

Given I'm travelling to Texas for a meeting on Friday, my workouts for the week looks something like this:
  • Sunday: rock-climbing, workout w kettle-bells; yoga to unwind (35) 
  • Monday: bodyweight workout; yin yoga (35)
  • Tuesday: workout w kettle-bells; detox flow (45) 
  • Wednesday: bodyweight workout; core yoga (30)
  • Thursday: workout w kettle-bells; wind-down flow (20)
  • Friday: bodyweight workout; run; post-run flow (20); 
  • Saturday: workout w kettle-bells; heart-opening flow (55)
I thought about what program I should do, and ended up revisiting one I'd completed previously. With my current workout equipment situation (yoga mat, resistance bands, kettle-bells only), it seemed like the option I'd be most likely to stick to, so consistency is trumping novelty this time around.

One question, should I schedule a rest day though? My body has managed over the last few years with little issue so I'm not entirely sure I need one, but given life has a way of throwing the unexpected at me, I figure rest days will happen even if I don't plan for them.

Given I didn't make the recipes I wanted last week, this week is about redemption:
  • Turkey vegetable meatballs
  • Cassoulet with lots of vegetables
  • Eggplant dirty rice 
  • Cauliflower chickpea curry 
Let's do this. 
Sophie Life Explorer

Live. Love. Learn. Laugh. All with plenty of hugs.

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