Saturday, June 21, 2014

Porto Alegre & Florianopolis

Holidays are glorious, especially when you get to travel from city to city in this beautiful country. After a few hot and humid days in Cuiaba, it was great to escape to the relative chill of Porto Alegre.

Of course, we were here for the Australia vs. Netherlands match. We went in somewhat expecting to steamrolled given they had just thoroughly thrashed Spain but were then taken on a roller-coaster ride; we played brilliantly, went 2-1 up at one point and the Socceroos made us all incredibly proud. What an amazing atmosphere and crowd to be a part of.

The boys celebrated with a big night out with some friendly locals after the game, but I retreated to stretch out and get an early nights sleep. Us introverts need a bit of 'me' time. 

A 6 hour bus ride from Porto Alegre took us to Florianopolis. Beautiful beaches, some stand-up paddle boarding (super fun) and a dip in the sea. 

The only downsides of paradise? There are hardly any places open for breakfasts, lunches are a 90% buffet affair and without a car, getting around involves plenty of walking and hills. Other than that - glorious.

Another night here in Florianopolis before another bus towards game 3. Tchau! 

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