Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Super-long layovers

Red-eye flights and long layovers (14 hours) do not mix. 

Finally on our much-awaited holiday to Brazil, we kicked things off with the dreaded red-eye flight from the west coast to New York. During boarding, it seemed like there were at least 18 babies on board, which didn't exactly bode well for sleep. 

Still, we napped intermittently before waking up to this beautiful sight.

After arriving in JFK ahead of schedule, we settled in for a long layover. Seeing as I'd promised to myself that I would make sure that I did some yoga every day (for my sanity and health), I ended up doing a hip-opening flow in the airport lounge.

Strange looks aside, it was a wonderful way to get all the kinks out after a rough night's sleep in a flying tin can. It also highlighted how tight my hips actually are, and that I should incorporate more hip-openers into my flows!

Our layover was happily distracted by an invite for lunch, from a friend I hadn't seen in over 5 years. I'd moved to the US during that time, and he'd moved all over the world spending time in Alaska, Hawaii, Thailand, Nepal and Israel. He definitely trumps me in the world-traveller stakes. 

Now it's back to the airport to kill a few more hours before another overnight flight to Sao Paulo, followed by another 12 hour layover. Here's hoping for a smooth ride and a decent night's rest.

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